Session Structure


Each session for babies to age 4 lasts approximately 30 minutes, this can be altered to provide a shorter or longer session, depending on the particular group of children.

Saying “Hello.”

Introducing ourselves and learning the names of our peers. We can wave or use the ‘Sign-a-Long’ sign for “Hello.” We can clap our hands, or tap our knees to the syllables of our names.


Usually involves a sharing game, with using a Teddy Bear or 1 instrument that is passed around the circle to a rhyme or music.

A mixture of:

  • Action songs – that encourage children to join in with the actions (A)*
  • Sitting still and singing songs (S)*
  • Songs that include movement and or dance (M)*
  • Songs that allow opportunities for listening to a variety of genres of music (L)*
  • Songs that allow for props to be used, for example: Stretchy Lycra, Coloured Scarves, Feathers, Visual promps (pictures,) etc. (P)*
  • Songs that incorporate the use of instruments, (I)*

*These letter codes are used in the planning grids.

Saying “Goodbye.”

Closing the session – singing a “Goodbye” song and giving out rewards.


All sessions are planned and linked to the EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage, and each session is evaluated to show the next steps for the children’s learning and their progress in the session. Plans can include songs and activities based on the children’s interests and/or topics that are being covered. This can include seasonal themes, festivals and celebrations.

Development Matters – EYFS document


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